Meet the Team

Introducing the Dedicated Team Behind Bizdify

Defy the Haters

We are all about supporting the freedom to speak your mind.

HOWEVER, we don’t believe people should be allowed to ruin your business just because they had a bad day, or because they unreasonably wish to extort money from you for a simple mistake.

We’re here to defy the haters – to fight back against the keyboard warriors and nasty tabloids that want to drag your name through the mud for their own entertainment or selfish gain.

Our Focus

Our core focus is to improve brand sentiment in the online environment, to give brands and individuals more control over how they are perceived, and to improve the quality of information with which they are portrayed.

We perform our work in a transparent, timely, and effective way and track objective results.

We believe passionately that the internet should be a source of quality, clear information about every subject – including your business.

The Core Team

Chris Strandin

Senior Reputation Specialist

Peter Ball

Founder / CEO

Lawrence Hobart

Founder / MD

Eunice Ong

Global Operations Manager

Gen Cuñada

Project Manager

Ash Bradley

Senior Partnership Consultant